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A. Ordering Your University Frame

Each University has its own SHOP NOW page.
All Australian University’s present a unique sized Graduation Certificate.
We know the exact size of every University Graduation Certificate in Australia.
1. Select your University 2. Choose the Certificate Frame you wish to order 3. Simply checkout and pay.
NOTE: We don’t ask for any Certificate Size information during the order process.

B. Email Confirmation

After you checkout and pay we send you an Email IMMEDIATELY to confirm your order.
This email is for you to DOUBLE CHECK our records are correct and match the exact size of certificate you are going to frame.
Your frame is then individually handmade specifically to fit the exact size of your certificate.
NOTE: If for any reason your certificate is a different size to our records just let us know and we will make a frame to fit the size of your certificatfe.

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Not All Frames Are The Same

Custom Made By Certificate Framing

High Quality Frame – Made in Australia
Frame – Premium Italian Hardwood Timber
Mat Board – Superior Acid-Free Mats by Peterboro
Glass Front – We Use Tru Vue® Premium Clear Glass

Imported Cheap $59Frames

Poor Quality Frame – Made in China
Frame – Cheap Synthetic Plastic Material
Mat Board – Replaced with Coloured Cardboard
Perspex Front – Cheap Perspex Will Fade and Scratch!

Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information

All our Frames are Handmade in Australia – In our factory and delivered straight to your home or office.
Our price is significantly better than the University supplier or your local custom framing store.

Why is the price so much lower compared to the university’s supplier.

We are a family owned Custom Framing Business specialising in the Online market.
We are the Manufacturer and don’t have the expense of Retail Shop Rents or Staff Wages.
We don’t pay fees or commissions to University’s to attend Graduation Days.
This means you get a High Quality Australian Made Certificate Frame at a better price.

Can my new frame be custom made to match the size my existing certificate frame?

YES! Please give us a call on 0438 511 218.
Your Individually Handmade Frame can be made to any size.

The MOST Frequently Asked Question – Will my degree fit?

YES! We Custom Make all our Frames specifically for each Individual University.
Your Individually Handmade Frame fits the exact size of your degree perfectly – Every-time.

What is a Double Mat.

The Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) and the Certified Picture Framer (CPF) Program
require that important documents must be framed with an Acid-free Double Mat.

All our frames include an Acid-free Prestigious Double Mat at no extra cost.
This adds further protection from damaging pollutants and contaminants between your degree and the glass.
Double mats also enhance the prestige of your frame.

Do I send my Certificate to you? Do you insert my Certificate?

No. Simple and detailed instructions (with pictures) come with your frame.
Simply remove the backboard – position mat board aperture over your certificate – apply tape (supplied and acid-free) and reassemble.

There is no option to order a Dual Certificate Frame for my University.

Each Australian University present a unique sized Graduation Certificate.
Your certificate must be one of the larger sizes.
Buying 2 x Single Certificate Frames is the best option.
We will custom make a Dual Certificate Frame for these larger University Degrees.
Please give us a call on 0438 511 218

Delivery Times – How long does it take?

All our Frames are handmade to order. Orders are dispatched within 1 – 3 weeks. You will be kept up to date via email at all times.

Delivery Costs – IT’S FREE!!

There are no hidden extras!
Our price includes FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE to your home or office.
We use Fastway Couriers to most destinations and Australia Post to regional areas.

Do I need a PayPal Account?

No. Checkout and select Pay as Guest and use your Credit Card or Debit Card.
There is no need to set up a Paypal account.

Can I pay by EFT or Direct Debit?

Yes, Please use our Contact Us Page to get details. Or do it now. Contact us

What if my frame arrives damaged?

Firstly Relax. It’s easy, we will replace any damaged frames unconditionally and immediately.


Important Information

Your Certificate Frame come with a 100% guarantee                                               Buy your Certificate Frames with your PayPal account.


Your certificate frames are inspected by a Certificate Framing expert.Each frame is custom made and manufactured here in Australia so we maintain stringent standards in product quality and inspection. We take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our frames, so you can be sure your frame has passed our rigorous inspection criteria. Certificate Framing craftsmen will inspect your frame with great attention to detail at every stage of our handmade process:

  1. Your order is received.
  2. The frame is hand prepared.
  3. Our Craftsmen re-check frame quality.
  4. Your frame is dispatched.

When you receive your certificate frame, you will find it packaged with a great deal of care and attention. Each frame is wrapped in thick bubble wrap, and then boxed. Our specially designed and manufactured box is used to ensure your frame arrives at your door in the condition it left us – Perfect.

Important advice before framing

Before framing your certificate we recommend you take both colour and black and white copies and save it to your computer. A copy may be required for future job interviews etc.

Certificate Framing does not recommend any of our products for external use and should avoid direct sunlight. When cleaning your frame, dust with a soft, clean microfibre cloth. Do not use detergent or sprays.

Why our frames last a lifetime

Designed and hand made in Australia using Italian timber our certificate frames are both bold and elegant. The Italian moulding that our Certified Picture Framer has chosen features the finest materials and finishes. Characterised by a fine gesso, the moulding is easy to cut and less susceptible to chipping and cracking. The wood is universally recognised in the industry as having two highly desirable characteristics hardness and straight grain.

Acid-Free Matboard, are a must have.

WHY, because the matboards are in direct contact with your Degree, the acidity can cause discolouration and damage. For this reason, at certificate framing we use Acid-free matboards composed of high quality fibre that have been bleached to provide a bright white core, buffered to a pH of 7.5 to 9-5. The smooth white bevels will not turn brown and the extra heavy surface papers allow for a smoother, cleaner cut using our computerised mat cutter.

Foamboard, buyers beware!! Why

Acid-free foamboard is the new industry standard backing of choice for superior frames, replacing the old MDF boards used in inferior or cheaper products. All our certificate frames are backed with an acid-free foam-core which keeps your certificate rigid and safe from damage. This foamboard will increase the longevity of your graduation certificate. It is 5mm thick, lightweight, very rigid with smooth surfaces and is clean to work with ensuring a great result, every time.

Did you know you can get Acid-free Adhesive tape?

Yes we even supply Acid-free Adhesive tape that is age resistant and buffered to pH 8.7 so the tape remains acid-free after application and will not turn yellow with time and damage your graduation certificate.

How to fit your Certificate

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It’s simple to achieve a professional result.

When attaching your Graduation Certificate to a mat (often called a border), it is important to only attach the Certificate from the top. This is called hinging and it ensures your certificate sits flat when fitted to your certificate frame.

The reason for this is that when your certificate framing is completed and your frame is hanging on the wall it picks up moisture and condensation from the air and by hinging your Graduation Certificate it has room to expand which will ensure the certificate always appears flat.

Simple and detailed instructions come with your Certificate Frame.


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